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ICloud is trying to take over the world.

Apple sure does want a lot of your personal information.



Hipster activity.

So I’m at Starbucks drinking a Latte while writing a blog post on my macbook. Definitely looks like hipster activity.


Terrorists and Crazy underground bugs is what Fox News is plastering over the TV screen tonight in New York. I can’t handle THAT much pressure. Apparently there is some “deadly new plot” on how the “terrorists” are going to “get us”.

That’s not all…

CRAZY NEW BUGS that “shouldn’t be there”. Following the terrorists it’s not the BUGS that are planning on taking over the world. FOX NEWS, I can’t HANDLE ALL THIS. Seriously, it’s a little TOO MUCH TO HANDLE ALL AT ONCE.

Come on, I understand the recession but do we really need this BULLSHIT? Are people really that afraid of everything nowadays. Give me a break.


Just watched Inception in IMAX at the AMC on 34th and 8th in Manhattan. Was an awesome movie. I didn’t realize how many variables to understanding the plot there was until I got online after seeing it. My main question is this though; If Cobb didn’t know that his wife would continue to question reality after supposedly waking up, then how exactly did he get the idea to plant the idea in her head. Since “inception” is a planted idea within a dream to alter reality, wouldn’t Cobb’s “inception” of his wife inside the dream world to affect the dream world not really be an “inception”.

Chicago to Brooklyn, NY

So I finally moved to New York. It is a bit overwhelming at first, especially since I’m a Russian who moved to Brighton Beach. Speaking of which, I love the beach. I live on Brighton Beach and Coney Island so everything is accessible. The beach, subway, lots of delicious (and affordable) Russian cafes.

Funds are a bit exhausted at this point so I need to find a suitable job quick. I’m not trying to settle for any old job though. It’s gotta be perfect. After all, a 20 something year old like myself wants to have his cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, other than my mom, I don’t know anyone here. I need to make new friends and new connections that will put me on the right path to glory. I guess I am a glory seeker in a way.


Being the explorer that I am, I decided to try out WordPress. I guess the internet was just getting boring and I needed to write about it. I used to do this kind of thing back in the day where there wasn’t Web 2.0 goodies to make life easier. It involved editing HTML and frames. I think it is quite fitting that I would reference Oplixity Online. It used to be my old website. Back then it was just a way of expressing web design to friends.